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Retail Systems

The Retail Systems Department at A.F.I. is a technology and development group dedicated to providing the independent retailer with the best computer based retail solutions in the industry. Retail Systems can process most register files and load YOUR pricing into a warehouse zone. We can translate our weekly host price files to work with S4, MEI, and Asset. Retail Systems has fifteen years experience installing and supporting the RORC back office software for our retailers. We can do custom work to respond to your stores requirements.

We are currently developing a WEB based price change form to take advantage of the internet for our stores. We have available a P.C. based program to adjust a standard host file’s retails and build a new price update file. The adjusted file can then be transmitted over the internet to our web page. The program also provides host to XML formatting and display in an HTML table. The current gross profit is calculated and hi-lighted to enable easy traces for problem prices.

Our aim is to help assure the success and long-term viability of all retail members – we are proud to be a part of the A.F.I. team.


  • Because of the belief that sales volume and customer acceptance may depend on one’s ability to quickly react to changing prices, and costs.
  • Because retailers are demanding a higher level of support for a variety of in-store platforms.
  • Because this type of program builds efficient communications from the Vendor to the warehouse and the retailer.
  • Because it is necessary to employ some level of standardization in order to measure product movement, and load accurate retail pricing.
  • Because programs of this sort will allow a smooth transition for new stores and enhance new member recruiting efforts.