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About Us

Welcome to the Affiliated Foods, Inc. web page. Affiliated Foods meets the needs of grocery stores and restaurants in Texas, Oklahoma, Kansas, New Mexico, Colorado, Arizona, and Wyoming. We've been supplying only the freshest produce, meats, bread, and dairy products for over 50 years. With 700 member stores as part of our family, we're committed to bringing quality service and goods to the Southwest.

With a 100 ft x 40 ft building near downtown Amarillo, Texas, Panhandle Associated Grocers, Inc. was organized in 1946. We moved to our present location on South Washington in 1960. On November 1, 1968, the Board of Directors of South Plains

Associated Grocers, Inc. in Lubbock, Texas and the Panhandle Associated Grocers, Inc. merged to form Affiliated Foods, Inc. Since then, several expansion programs have increased our grocery warehouse space an amazing 1,000,000 square feet. We continue to grow and are able to provide new services and lower prices to our customers.

In addition to being the leading wholesale grocery ware house distribution center in our region, we also process milk and manufacture bread. Tri State Baking Company serves over 500 member stores and produces over 5 million loaves of bread annually. Plains Dairy, with the addition of it's "Snack Attack" line, continues to increase in volume and sales growth every year.